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About Us

Formally known as Multicultural Youth Canada, Toronto Multicultural Youth Council Foundation (TMYC for short) seeks to bridge the gaps between the many cultural communities of the GTA by educating the public about the various cultures that exist here through youth-run events designed to showcase Canada’s cultural mosaic. The foundation strives to educate communities about multiculturalism and raise awareness of major social issues in our generation. We encourage young people from all across to Toronto region to come together in celebration of the diversities of our communities. Read more…


Badminton Tournament 2016

The Black Knight 8th annual Kids of the World Badminton Tournament, a fundraiser for World Vision, is hosted by the Toronto Multicultural Youth Council (TMYC) and is Toronto’s Largest Youth-Run Charity Badminton Tournament.

At the outset of the 7th Kids of the World tournament, $4000 was raised–totalling to a total of $30,000 over 7 years–in proceeds toward TMYC’s 5 sponsored children from World Vision and charities such as the Rick Hansen Foundation and Sick Kids’. Special thanks goes to World Vision, the Mayor of Markham, and the multiple speakers that came to liven the atmosphere of the tournament. This combined with the contagious enthusiasm and vigor shown by competitors and volunteers alike made the event an absolute success. Last but not least, the TMYC is extremely grateful for the continued support from the GTA community. It is you that makes our council’s journey to promote multiculturalism possible.

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